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The workout you receive in a JBFit class is delivered in a safe, positive and fun manner to help you get fitter, stronger, and tone up. It's a class where all abilities train together, and where everyone helps each other, whilst still pursuing their own fitness goal. This means that, whether you are returning to exercise after a break, or are very physically active, you will still find the class a challenge, and be motivated to work out hard.

When and where

Class Timetable

Monday 19:00 - 20:00

Wednesday 19:00 - 20:00

Saturday 08:30 - 09:30

Special Training Days


Your Questions about JBFit Answered

What is a typical class like?

The classes are varied, incorporating training methods such as HIIT and boxing, so no class will ever be the same, which means that you’ll always be challenged and won’t reach a plateau with your fitness.

Do I need to be super-fit?

The class is for ALL abilities! Whether you are an Olympic athlete or a beginner, all ability groups train together. Don’t worry though, I will give you different options so you can work at your own level whilst still being challenged.

Do I need any special equipment?

All equipment is provided – whether we are doing boxing or Battle PT, so you just need to bring water, and a sense of humour.

How long are the sessions?

One hour, including warm-up, cool-down, and stretching.

Will I be shouted at?

No! I don't shout like an American Drill Sergeant, but I will try my utmost to be positive, and motivate you throughout the class so that you can reach your fitness potential.


Where do I put my valuables?

I will put them in a closed bag in my backpack, which stays with me at all times during the class. You can relax knowing they are safe and put all your effort into working-out.


It’s raining/snowing, will there still be a session?

Yes! I use WhatsApp to let everyone know what the training plan is for a session, and in general it will go ahead regardless of the weather conditions. Don’t forget there are three sessions to choose from a week, so you can always come to another if you don’t like to get wet.


Are there any extras?

If you need extra help with training for a particular goal like running a 10k or losing 10kg, you can be provided with a personalised training programme, just ask me.

Why ‘more than a class’?

We train using the military ethos, where everyone is encouraged to support each other.


Think of TEAM:




Then there are regular extra events like breakfast out and runs in the New Forest, so, you can get to know a group of like-minded people who have the same goal – to get fit, and have fun.

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