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Ali Rutt


When I joined JB Fit I was overweight and unfit, having had a knee injury and not trained properly in any way for a good year or two. I started in the bottom group but have since worked my way up through the levels, losing 2.5 stone in the process. Jason is a great motivator and always has some fresh ideas and inspiration to keep us going. The thing that really sets JB fit apart from other classes etc I've been to before is the sense of comradery and friendship within the group. My wife started coming as well after I'd been there a while and we've made many great friends from the group. Jason often organises breakfast get togethers after the morning class and we often see other members as friends in our own time now. I can honestly say that JB fit has worked wonders for both myself and my wife, we look forward to training with Jason and the crew for many years to come! 

Tanya Cater 

I’ve been going to JB Fit for 5 months now and in that time I’ve made visible progress in my fitness  and worked out alongside an excellent group of people. It’s a great all-round body workout  that caters to people with all levels of fitness and no 2 sessions are ever the same. If you’re looking to improve your fitness and try something new then I would definitely recommend it; the sessions are fun yet challenging and are done for a very low price. When I started the class in January I couldn’t do a single sit up and now I’m able to do several reps whilst maintaining my form – the progress I’ve made is fantastic and I couldn’t have done it without the help of JB Fit.  

Rachel Harbour


Jason is an extremley knowledgable and motivating instructor. I have been training with him for four years now - and his generosity and attention to every individual in the class is what keeps me going!  There is a great sense of achievement in attending any of the classes, but especially in the rain and snow!  I also enjoy the variety of different classes that Jason comes up with - from boxing to sprint training to flipping tyres!  Above all, it keeps you fit and it's great fun.

Mark Edwards

Training with JB Fit has massively increased my level of fitness.  Jase has managed to keep me motivated to train twice a week for over 18 months and I have no intention of stopping!

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